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Imagine Yourself at ذكذكتسئµ Francis University

At ذكذكتسئµ Francis University we welcome students who have earned academic credits from other colleges and universities.  We provide you with personalized attention as you transition to our campus or online learning environment.  We are committed to not just getting you to ذكذكتسئµ Francis University but to helping you Become that Someone.  Our professional staff is ready to guide you through the process.





What Defines a Transfer Student?

If you have completed the equivalent of a US secondary school education and have at least one full-time semester (12 or more credits) as a degree candidate at another college or university you should apply as a transfer student.

Is My Program Available? 

ذكذكتسئµ Francis University is proud of our breadth of academic offerings.   See the list of majors available on-campus and online to make sure your program of interest is open to you.

Deadlines to apply

We follow a rolling admission process for most programs but we do suggest applying by the following dates.

Fall Start:         August 1

Spring Start:  January 1



Transfer Student Checklist

 Completed application

Official transcripts from all two or four-year colleges/universities attended

Official high school transcript

College Clearance form

Be in good standing at your previous institution

Have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and 12 transferable credits


Transfer Admission Information


  • Admissions Standards

    Sذكذكتسئµ programs require you to submit SAT I or ACT scores. Use the codes below to have your official scores sent directly to SFU. These scores are waived for students who have graduated from high school five years or more. 


    SAT code #2797

    ACT code #3682

  • Transfer Credit Information
    • Students can transfer a maximum of 92 credits to ذكذكتسئµ Francis University.
    • Grades of “Câ€‌ or better from accredited colleges and universities will be considered for transfer credit.
    • Developmental, review, or remedial courses are not transferable. A course for which no credit is given at the original institution cannot be transferred for credit at ذكذكتسئµ Francis University.
    • Science courses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  
    • Transfer credits are not used to compute your grade point average at ذكذكتسئµ Francis University.
    • Military credits can be considered for transfer credit.
  • Articulation Agreements

    Articulation agreements are established to help students make a smooth transition between colleges and programs without duplicating coursework. View our articulation agreements with several institutions for more information about opportunities to maximize your prior education.


    Approved Articulation Agreements


  • Program-Specific Transfer Requirements

    Occupational Therapy


    Admissibility Requirements

    SAT/ACT: test-optional


    To Complete Your Applicant Portfolio, You Will Need: 

    letter of recommendation



    Admissibility Requirements

    GPA: 3.0 cumulative/2.6 in math/science

     SAT/ACT: 1080/21 waived for Assoc. Degree or higher, GED, or 5+ years out of high school


    To Complete Your Applicant Portfolio, You Will Need: 

    Letters of recommendation/evaluation (for students who have been previously enrolled in a nursing program)

     Department interview

     Completed nursing evaluation form

    Healthcare Studies Pre-PA program


    Admissibility Requirements

    GPA: 2.75

    SAT/ACT: test-optional


    To Complete Your Applicant Portfolio, You Will Need: 

    All transcripts 

    Physical Therapy

    space available basis


    Admissibility Requirements

    GPA: 2.75

    SAT/ACT: test-optional only if student has fewer than 24 earned credits 

    To Complete Your Applicant Portfolio, You Will Need: 

    Department interview

     Personal essay that addresses reasons for transferring and the objectives the student hopes to achieve

     Letter of recommendation from a science professor

    Accelerated MBA or MHRM


    Admissibility Requirements

    GPA: 2.75


    Required only if student has fewer than 30 earned credits


    To Complete Your Applicant Portfolio, You Will Need: 

    All transcripts 

Free Transfer Credit Evaluation 


  • Want to see how the college courses you've already taken will transfer to ذكذكتسئµ Francis University? 
  • Are you a first- or second-year high school student who would like our advisors to guide you through choosing your college in high school classes to help you best prepare for college? 
  • Are you an active-duty military servicemember and want to know how your military education, training, and prior learning can help you fast-track your degree? 

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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Scholarship Opportunities 


At ذكذكتسئµ Francis University we know that affordability is important to you.  We offer merit-based scholarships based upon previous academic performance.


Earn up to $23,000 in annual transfer scholarships!

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Transfer Admission Team

We are here to guide you through every step of the admissions process to make your journey to ذكذكتسئµ Francis University as easy as possible.


Ms. Megan Mason, Assistant Director of Admission

Call/Text:  814-328-8773

Non-Discrimination Policy

ذكذكتسئµ Francis University, inspired by its Franciscan and Catholic identity values equality of opportunity, human dignity, racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity, both as an educational institution and as an employer.


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