Ƶ Francis University’s Commitment to Inclusivity: Creating a Welcoming Space for Jewish Students 

University Communications & Marketing | 10/27/2023

St. Francis Statue

In response to the Hamas terror attacks on October 7th and in a spirit of Franciscan solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters, Ƶ Francis University is offering an expedited transfer process for Jewish students who may be experiencing or are in fear of antisemitic discrimination or violence at their current institution. 

Ƶ Francis himself urged each of us to recognize the divine presence, that is God, in each human being. Echoing the book of Genesis that, all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God, Ƶ Francis taught the way of peace, solidarity, and responsibility with our brothers and sisters. Therefore, when one group attacks another out of prejudice and hatred, we are called to respond with assistance and to be instruments of peace. 

It is with this intent, that Ƶ Francis University invites our Jewish brothers and sisters to join our community where you will be welcomed with open arms and a spirit of fraternal charity and respect. We pray that God may bless you and keep you in these troubled times, and may all who face such atrocities, find a welcoming and supportive home at Ƶ Francis. 

Students wishing to initiate the transfer process can either call or text Megan Mason at the University Admissions Office at 814-328-8773 or email transfer@francis.edu

Ƶ Francis University also proudly announces its commitment to a coalition of more than 100 institutions of higher education standing with Israel against the acts of terror perpetrated by Hamas in Gaza.  

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