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Intentionally Catholic College Community


What is Alta Via?

Alta Via is an intentional community of Catholic students, guided by clergy and professors, who seek to grow closer to Jesus Christ through communal life, intellectual and spiritual formation, and the exercise of the moral virtues.


Alta Via is Latin for "the high road." This phrase signifies that the purpose for this group is to aid Catholic students on their upward journey to the promised land of eternal life. 

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3 pillars of Alta Via


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Intentional Community

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Actively engage in liturgy and devotion

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Intellectual Formation

The Alta Via Experience


  • Grow in your Catholic Faith as a community! 
  • Participation will develop and strengthen your ability to follow, ever deeply, Christ crucified and accompany others as they do the same.
  • Bond with other participants through specially designed sequential courses all four years at SFU.
  • Have regular one-on-one meetings with the Alta Via Director to set goals for growth in the following areas: Spiritual, Intellectual, Communal and Human.



Alta Via Courses

Each year of the Alta Program focuses on one of the sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church while teaching and guiding the students in practicing their Faith. 


Please visit our Course Catalog for a detailed explanation of the courses listed below.

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1st Year
Professing the Faith
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2nd Year
Living the Faith
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3rd Year
Praying the Faith
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4th Year
Witnessing the Faith

Pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome


In the summer between junior and senior year, the Alta Via students go on a 10-day pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome. This pilgrimage involves praying at and visiting the important sites of the life of St. Francis of Assisi. In addition, the students visit and pray at the beautiful Catholic churches in Rome and connect with the roots of our shared Catholic Faith.


This pilgrimage is a powerful opportunity to deepen one's faith by walking in the footsteps of St. Francis as well as connecting to the powerful Catholic history of Rome. Time for reflection upon this pilgrimage is part of the fourth year of the Alta Via Program: Witnessing the Faith.

Student Testimonials

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Alta Via Student
Alta Via Student
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Membership Information

The community will be open to a select group of incoming first-year SFU students. Click to:



Who should apply?

Students who have a desire to grow in their Catholic Faith and relationship with Jesus Christ and others. The goal of the Alta Via program is to form strong Catholics who explore the depths of the faith in a communal setting. The program is catechetical in nature, which means its goal is to teach the Catholic Faith and encourage life-long discipleship in following Jesus Christ. If this vision appeals to you, we encourage you to apply. 



Ten (10) Alta Via participants will receive scholarships which are renewed annually as long as the student remains in good standing.


Awardees will receive $2,000 the first year, $2,500 sophomore year, $3,000 junior year and $3,500 in their senior year. This amount is in addition to other ذكذكتسئµ Francis University institutional scholarships.


Program Spiritual Director


Fr. Stephen Waruszewski, T.O.R.


Fr. Stephen Waruszewski, T.O.R. 

Director of Campus Ministry

Program Associate Director

Daniel Waldow


Dr. Daniel Waldow

Assistant Professor of Theology

Alta Via Instructor

Tyler McNab


Dr. Tyler McNabb

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Alta Via Instructor

Brian Besong


Dr. Brian Besong

Assistant Professor of Philosophy